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ISCL Membership:
The International Society for Cutaneous Lymphomas (ISCL) was organized in December 1992 to foster communication and stimulate interactions among regional and national groups and individuals interested in cutaneous lymphomas.

There are 4 categories of membership in the ISCL.  They are:
  1. General Members: General membership may be granted to any physician or scientist actively involved in the care of patients with lymphoproliferative skin disorders or engaged in research in this or a related area.
  2. Associate Members: Associate membership may be granted to an allied healthcare professional, an individual or entity that grants financial support to the Society or an individual involved in a cutaneous lymphoma patient support group who is interested in, and supports, the purposes of the Society.
  3. Honorary Members: Honorary membership shall be granted to any individual, who, as determined by the Board of Directors, has made an outstanding contribution to the Society and to the field of cutaneous lymphoproliferative disorders.
  4. Resident Members: Resident membership may be granted to any physician in good standing who is in a residency program or post-residency fellowship and is interested in the field of cutaneous lymphoproliferative disorders.
All members shall be entitled to serve on committees and to attend the meetings of the Society, but only General and Honorary members may vote and hold office.

Membership applications will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the ISCL and the applicant will be notified of its decision by email.

Thank you for your interest in the ISCL.


ISCL Membership Application Downloads:
ISCL Membership Application (PDF Format)
ISCL Membership Application (Word E-Form)

Download online application & submit by FAX or mail.

Please fill out the application form and send to the address on the form. Applicant will be instructed by eMail regarding the application fee.


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